Scoops of Marin Pet Waste Removal Service. Your Premier Pet Waste Removal Service for Marin and Sonoma Co.

dog at a dog park in Novato
Keeping your yard Poop Free! Since 2013 our service has been picking up what your dog drops off!

Why do people hire our service?

  • Don’t want to think about it
  • Have better things to do
  • Yuck factor
  • Keep fecal matter out of house/off carpet and furniture consistently

Why Hire Scoops of Marin Pet Waste Removal?

  • Cleaning regularly ensures that fecal matter stays at a minimum. This is healthier for you, your family and pets.
  • Locally owned and operated, thank you for keeping your funds in the North Bay
  • Regular cleaning, as well as mentioned above, helps our city and county keep our bay free from bacterial matter from k9 Feces
  • While scooping for poop, we often find other things like glass, or debris that we take along
  • We take pride in making sure your experience with our service is exceptional. If you are not satisfied with ANY aspect we will correct the problem immediately
  • We haul the waste at no additional charge
  • Many of our clients are busy professionals, homemakers and executives who find such a simple task not only affordable but appreciative that someone can help with their pet waste chore
  • We are a Fully Insured and licensed Pet Waste Removal Service. We are happy to provide you with our credentials upon request.
  • Member of aPAWS association of Professional Animal Waste Specialties.
We scoop poop - Marin and Sonoma pet waste removal

When Do You Clean?

As the solution to your Poolution, we clean once, twice, three times, or every day of the week. The specific days will depend on what your preference is and when we service your particular city. The majority of our residential clients have a once a week plan, while businesses and commercial locations tend to be cleaned more often.

What Does a Pooper Scooper Service Cost?

The cost of a service depends on the number of animals we will be cleaning up after and the frequency of the cleaning. Once a week for one or two dogs runs $60.00 per month. For a full rate breakdown, see our residential rates page.

Can my Dogs be Out During the Service?

We are poo-fessionals and as such, we love dogs. If you’d like the dogs to be out, that’s fine with us. We’ll just ask for a meet and greet the first time we come by so the dogs can be assured that we are supposed to be there.

Do You Do Other Animals Too?

No. We focus on k9 waste only.

That’s Awesome – How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call so we can set up a time to introduce ourselves. Once at your yard, we’ll do initial cleaning, go over our billing and cleaning schedule and address any other questions you may have.

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